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interesting article on NFT

October 29, 2022

How ‘Trustless’ Is Bitcoin, Really? – The New York Times

June 18, 2022

Mark Gerstein, a professor of bioinformatics at Yale University, found in the research implications for data privacy. He recently stored a genome on a private blockchain, which allowed for a secure and tamperproof record. But he noted that in a public setting, as with Bitcoin’s blockchain, a data set’s size and subtle patterns made it susceptible to breaches, even as the data remained immutable. (Ms. Blackburn wasn’t tampering with the Bitcoin blockchain’s records.)

“That’s the amazing thing about big data,” Dr. Gerstein said. “If you have a big enough data set, it starts to leak information in unexpected ways.” Even more so when data from different sources are connected, he said: “When you combine one data set with another to make a bigger data set, nonobvious linkages can arise.”


How scientists are embracing NFTs

May 28, 2022

Interesting article on NFT and genomics

May 22, 2022

18 June 2021
How scientists are embracing NFTs
Is a trend of auctioning non-fungible tokens based on scientific data a fascinating art fad, an environmental disaster or the future of monetized genomics?
Nicola Jones

an article discussing combining NFT (a hype which is related to blockchain) and genomics data.

Merkle Tree in Blockchain: What is it and How does it work | Simplilearn

March 6, 2022

Blockchain Explorer – Search the Blockchain | BTC | ETH | BCH

February 13, 2022
Size of BTC blockchain

The fun in non-fungible | The Economist

December 24, 2021

I found this quote unbelievable: “Our modest experiment created as many emissions as a seat on a long-haul flight.”

Two Silicon Valley genomic data experts announce partnership in Miami – Refresh Miami

September 26, 2021

Why an Animated Flying Cat With a Pop-Tart Body Sold for Almost $600,000 – The New York Times

March 11, 2021 NFT!