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Google Search Technique Aided N.Y. Dam Hacker in Iran

April 10, 2016

Google Search Technique Aided NY Dam Hacker in Iran Appears to be ‘#Google dorking,’ using operators like inurl:

Don’t Be Hacker Bait: Do This One-Hour Security Drill – WSJ

February 7, 2016

Here’s Why Public Wifi is a Public Health Hazard — Matter

January 6, 2016

Why Public #Wifi is a…Hazard Exposes one’s past network usage; ergo, don’t put your street into your home’s SSID


Wouter removes his laptop from his backpack, puts the black device on the table, and hides it under a menu. A waitress passes by and we ask for two coffees and the password for the WiFi network. Meanwhile, Wouter switches on his laptop and device, launches some programs, and soon the screen starts to fill with green text lines. It gradually becomes clear that Wouter’s device is connecting to the laptops, smartphones, and tablets of cafe visitors.

On his screen, phrases like “iPhone Joris” and “Simone’s MacBook” start to appear. The device’s antenna is intercepting the signals that are being sent from the laptops, smartphones, and tablets around us.

“More text starts to appear on the screen. We are able to see which WiFi networks the devices were previously connected to. Sometimes the names of the networks are composed of mostly numbers and random letters, making it hard to trace them to a definite location, but more often than not, these WiFi networks give away the place they belong to.

We learn that Joris had previously visited McDonald’s, probably spent his vacation in Spain (lots of Spanish-language network names), and had been kart-racing (he had connected to a network belonging to a well-known local kart-racing center). Martin, another café visitor, had been logged on to the network of Heathrow airport and the American airline Southwest. In Amsterdam, he’s probably staying at the White Tulip Hostel. He had also paid a visit to a coffee shop called The Bulldog.


The Secret Life of Passwords –

March 8, 2015

Secret life of passwords Our habit to use one secret to encode another & how this was helpful in the aftermath of 911

Privacy in Pharmacogenetics: An End-to-End Case Study of Personalized Warfarin Dosing | USENIX

February 20, 2015

Privacy in Pharmacogenetics…Personalized Warfarin Dosing Model-inversion attack; differential privacy doesn’t help

Matthew Fredrikson, Eric Lantz, and Somesh Jha, University of Wisconsin—Madison; Simon Lin, Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation; David Page and Thomas Ristenpart, University of Wisconsin—Madison

Awarded Best Paper!

How My Mom Got Hacked –

January 10, 2015

How My Mom Got Hacked The Cryptowall #crime business, complete w/ customer support & #Bitcoin payment suggestions

Compiling a list of Truecrypt alternatives – Ars Technica OpenForum

November 16, 2014

A list of #Truecrypt alternatives Shockingly, key program defunct after 10yrs. Now onto #FileVault , BitLocker & #PGP

Google – Recent Activity – Account Settings

September 21, 2014
Useful Google/Gmail page with lots of relevant security history

The NSA and Snowden: Securing the All-Seeing Eye | May 2014 | Communications of the ACM

June 2, 2014

The #NSA & #Snowden: Argues 2-factor authentication & 2-person authorization would’ve stopped theft of 1.7M documents

Sign in, sign out, and change your password – Gmail Help

January 6, 2014

Password change on mobile