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SlooSnap – Sloomoo Institute

November 25, 2022

BRAND NEW COMPOUND! Not a slime. Not sand. Not a powder. Not cotton. But somehow, it feels like a mix of all of these satisfying things. A melding of molecules that are dry, it is definitely a “solid” but it behaves a bit like a liquid too.

TEXTURE GLOSSARY – Sloomoo Institute

November 25, 2022

BUTTER SLIME – The key is the addition of air dry clay (hot pink)

ICEE SLIME – Pronounced “icy,” it’s a clear glue-based slime with wet fake snow (SnoWonder) though not as much as you’d add to a cloud slime.

Think of a super stretchy and fluffy slime that feels cottony and feathery to the touch….The key ingredient is inflatable snow (we use SnoWonder). It takes time and nuance to perfect the making of a cloud – it also requires practice to learn the art achieving the perfect drizzle.