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Meta-omics analysis of elite athletes identifies a performance-enhancing microbe that functions via lactate metabolism

June 29, 2019

NEJM: Record-Breaking Performance in a 70-Year-Old Marathoner

April 13, 2019

We determined the physiological profile of a 70-year-old male marathoner who ran the event in 2:54:23…

LDL 84mg/dL and HDL 66mg/dL, quite impressive…

The Superhero Genes — The California Sunday Magazine

September 25, 2017

Superhero Genes Profiles @EuanAshley lab. Highlights how extreme elite athletes are in physiology #SportsGene

Why Basketball Runs in the Family – WSJ

June 1, 2016

Why Basketball Runs in the Family 49% of NBA players related to an elite athlete, probably b/c of height selection

Exploring Why Some People Get Fitter Than Others

June 21, 2015

Exploring Why Some…Get Fitter Than Others Now, SNP & expression chips on exercising mice; in future, on people