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H1B visa statistics

July 23, 2015

1000 or 1024

June 26, 2015

KiB v kb, 1024 v 1000. Appears powers of 10 win out over powers of 2

how to get full path of a unix file

September 6, 2014


1. Drag the file from finder to a terminal. Yes, pull it out with some effort and just drop it right there…

2. The full path will magically show up in no time!

ON LINUX According to Stackoverflow, you should do:

readlink -f file.txt


find $PWD -iname “*” -maxdepth 1

find $PWD -maxdepth 1

Calendar exporter

August 14, 2014

calendar exporter:

It is simple but does the work you need: calendar exporting, event filter based on keywords and simple statistics.

chinese cancer data

July 18, 2014

Annotated somatic variants and interactive variant analysis results are available online

Eighty-eight primary HCC tumors and matched adjacent nontumor liver tissues were analyzed by whole-genome DNA sequencing to identify somatic mutations and HBV integration sites. The vast majority (92%,n = 81) of patients in this cohort were HBV carriers (i.e., HBsAg seropositive) suffering from chronic hepatitis B or cirrhosis. None of the patients were hepatitis C virus (HCV) positive

the data:

The original paper is here:

Guide to cancer genomics

January 17, 2014