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Better syncing of Garmin Connect Calendars with Google Calendar – Garmin Connect Web – Mobile Apps & Web – Garmin Forums

October 27, 2019

]what eventually works:
garmin => personal (non-institutional) outlook
=> publishing to get URL => paste URL into gcal

Cure a calendar crash on Mac

May 1, 2018


TOTD importing events to google calendar using csv

September 2, 2016

importing events to google calendar using csv

1. download csv attachment
2. edit contents
3. gcal > setting > “Calendars” tab > Import calendar

Room Meeting Reservation Tool

November 29, 2015

works w/ ipad & outlook but not gcal

Calendar exporter

August 14, 2014

calendar exporter:

It is simple but does the work you need: calendar exporting, event filter based on keywords and simple statistics.