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March 11, 2022

Merge of all my tags

August 29, 2021

* Merge-of-all-tags–final-grand-merge-all-tags

HTML of above

* Some recent tag work

new tags

Posts defining tags & going over tag definitions

* Source files


derived from final-grand-merge-all-tags.csv
in thread subject:”Tags Projects Update”

Dump of My Old Delicious Bookmarks

August 29, 2021

* Dump-of-old-delicious-bookmarks

– Private GDOC of above

* SELECTIONS of the above

– TagDef–EXTRACT-FROM–Dump-of-old-delicious-bookmarks

– clipbookgoodreadafterjan07–EXTRACT-FROM–Dump-of-old-delicious-bookmarks

This is based on:
(a defunct link)

* Some source files (for reference)
clipbookgoodreadafterjan07–EXTRACT-FROM–Dump-of-old-delicious-bookmarks.xlsx Dump-of-old-delicious-bookmarks.delicious-simple2.MG-edit-10aug21.xlsx starting-to-edit-on-9aug–delicious-simple2.csv

email thread
subject:”Tags Projects Update”

Tags Used in the Last Year on the Linkstream2 microblog

August 2, 2020


Mostly derived from a blog export file:

Useful in connection with this:
How to Export a List of Categories from WordPress

Proof Stage Pointers – GersteinInfo

April 9, 2017

Opera Gallery, art gallery, painting, artwork for sale, sculpture

March 12, 2017


“Tag_Definition” for Locations

November 3, 2016

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