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Chat GPT

December 18, 2022

Google delays its plans to shelve free G Suite accounts… by a month

April 9, 2022

Knoxville Ransomware Attack

June 22, 2020

Knoxville Ransomware Attack Leads to IT Network Shutdown

“In 2019, a total of 113 state or municipal entities were impacted by ransomware. Knoxville is the 51st city to be hit in 2020, Callow said.

Last year, two Florida cities – Lake City and Riviera Beach – were both hit by ransomware attacks and decided to pay off the hackers…. ”

‘ “These smaller government agencies often chug along old legacy infrastructure, and that old legacy infrastructure is easy for bad actors to exploit.” ‘

Genomic epidemiology of hCoV-19

March 28, 2020

Keep those Zoom URLs secure

March 27, 2020

USC, school districts getting ‘Zoom-bombed’ with racist taunts, porn as they transition to online meetings

SF startup begins offering home test for COVID-19 – SFGate

March 21, 2020

CO emissions

February 16, 2020

NYC doesn’t look that great either—add-more-layers/overlays?cosc,17.289,99.356,3


September 14, 2019

Style-based GANs – Generating and Tuning Realistic Artificial Faces

SKS Keyserver Network Under Attack

July 5, 2019

a good example of a hypothetical attack that now becomes real QT:{{”
“The number one use of OpenPGP today is to verify downloaded packages for Linux-based operating systems, usually using a software tool called GnuPG. If someone were to poison a vendor’s public certificate and upload it to the keyserver network, the next time a system administrator refreshed their keyring from the keyserver network the vendor’s now-poisoned certificate would be downloaded. At that point upgrades become impossible because the authenticity of downloaded packages cannot be verified. Even downloading the vendor’s certificate and re-importing it would be of no use, because GnuPG would choke trying to import the new certificate. It is not hard to imagine how motivated adversaries could employ this against a Linux-based computer network.”

Message header Parser

June 19, 2019