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List of academic journals by preprint policy – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

May 4, 2015

gives policies relative to arXiv, viXra and bioRxiv

Nick and Toni’s Cafe

February 16, 2015

open to 1030p, w/ nice wine & wifi

Rock Center Cafe

September 19, 2014

Open for wine/coffee to 730a-11p

SONY | Starbucks Coffee Company

September 6, 2014

M-F 7a-7p, Sa 8a-7p, Su 9a-6p


July 18, 2014

[[* ’till 7:30 on Su; from 6:30a (mf) & 7a (ss) *]]

wifi orange-cheetah, passwd in x58f

First Alert 3035DF Digital Security Box, Black/Silver –

October 26, 2013


The keys are “black topped”. Mine has a 037 inscribed.