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Google Meet Switches On Jaw-Dropping Feature To Beat Zoom & Microsoft Teams

June 28, 2020–microsoft-teams/

might be nice to try the noise cancellation

Turn a YouTube video into a Zoom virtual background video : coolgithubprojects

June 8, 2020

assorted book lot photo – Free Bookcase Image on Unsplash

June 5, 2020

Good zoom backgrounds


Free Zoom backgrounds you can use to disguise your messy remote work rooms – The Verge

June 5, 2020

Remote support session – Zoom Help Center

May 30, 2020

Remote support…

Zoom’s Runaway Success Carries a Heavy Burden – WSJ

April 17, 2020

Secondary_appt Bruce Schneier: Security and Privacy Implications of Zoom

April 4, 2020

Bruce Schneier on Zoom:

March 2020: Update to sharing settings for Education accounts

March 31, 2020

Keep those Zoom URLs secure

March 27, 2020

USC, school districts getting ‘Zoom-bombed’ with racist taunts, porn as they transition to online meetings