Cell – Identifying Recent Adaptations in Large-Scale Genomic Data

March 9, 2013

pos. sel. from 1000G phase 1

Cell, Volume 152, Issue 4, 703-713, 14 February 2013
Copyright © 2013 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.
Sharon R. Grossman,Kristian G. Andersen,Ilya Shlyakhter,Shervin Tabrizi,Sarah Winnicki,Angela Yen,Daniel J. Park,Dustin
Griesemer,Elinor K. Karlsson,Sunny H. Wong,Moran Cabili,Richard A. Adegbola,Rameshwar N.K. Bamezai,Adrian V.S. Hill,Fredrik O.
Vannberg,John L. Rinn,1000 Genomes Project,Eric S. Lander,Stephen F. Schaffner,Pardis C. Sabeti

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