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Neutral genomic regions refine models of recent rapid human population growth

January 19, 2014

Neutral genomic regions refine models of recent rapid human population growth

Elodie Gazave, Li Ma, Diana Chang, Alex Coventry, Feng Gao, Donna Muzny, Eric Boerwinkle, Richard A. Gibbs, Charles F. Sing, Andrew G. Clark, and Alon Keinan

Recent rapid growth of human populations predicts that a large number of genetic variants in populations today are very rare, i.e., appear in a small number of individuals. This effect is similar to that of purifying selection, which drives deleterious alleles to become rarer. “}}

Cell – Identifying Recent Adaptations in Large-Scale Genomic Data

March 9, 2013

pos. sel. from 1000G phase 1
Cell, Volume 152, Issue 4, 703-713, 14 February 2013
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Sharon R. Grossman,Kristian G. Andersen,Ilya Shlyakhter,Shervin Tabrizi,Sarah Winnicki,Angela Yen,Daniel J. Park,Dustin
Griesemer,Elinor K. Karlsson,Sunny H. Wong,Moran Cabili,Richard A. Adegbola,Rameshwar N.K. Bamezai,Adrian V.S. Hill,Fredrik O.
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