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CloudHQ Review – Updated 2019

August 13, 2019

Tech Companies, New and Old, Clamor to Entice Cloud Computing Experts –

March 11, 2016

Tech Companies…Clamor to Entice #CloudComputing Experts $300k-$1M salaries for those with 5+ years of experience

Oqtans: the RNA-seq workbench in the cloud for complete and reproducible quantitative transcriptome analysis. – PubMed – NCBI

July 21, 2015 RNAseq…in the cloud by @gxr Distributing a tool in many ways: AMI, GIT, Galaxy workflow, &c
Nice illustration how to distribute a tool in many forms —

AMI, GIT, Galaxy workflow + more.

* Sreedharan et al. Oqtans: the RNA-seq workbench in the cloud for
complete and reproducible quantitative transcriptome analysis.

The authors describe an open source transcriptome analysis software
package, Oqtans. The package contains a variety of existing analysis
tools (from short-read alignment, transcript quantification and
expression analysis) assembled into a comprehensive workflow. The
package can be either run locally or as a virtual machine in the cloud
using the AWS. One innovative feature is the availability of comparing
the efficiency of the integrated tools on the same data set. Oqtans is
a highly modular software package that can be easily extended. It also
offers the possibility to create customized workflows based on the
integrated tools available.

Bina Wins $1M VA Million Veteran Program Contract

October 9, 2014

Bina Wins $1M VA Million Veteran Program Contract
October 09, 2014

Use SkyDrive, Dropbox, and Google Drive Together For Uber Backup Security |

July 5, 2013,2817,2416952,00.asp
watch out changing folder nesting on different computers

Manage Multiple Cloud Storage Services Efficiently With These Tools

July 19, 2012 potentially useful for moving between cloud services but no obvious sync

How to build your own 135TB RAID6 storage pod for $7,384 | ExtremeTech

April 12, 2012
Beyond detailing the creation of Storage Pod 2.0, Backblaze also provides some interesting insights into the world of cloud storage. In terms of raw hardware, 1 petabyte now only costs about $57,000. Using Storage Pods, Backblaze can provide 1PB with power, rack space, and bandwidth for three years, for just $95,000. By comparison, 1PB of storage using Dell’s PowerVault arrays costs no less than $502,000 over three years. If you want to store 1PB in Amazon’s S3 cloud, it will cost you just under $2.5 million.