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7 year-old Youtube star

December 5, 2018

Meet Ryan, the seven-year-old YouTuber who made £17.3m in a year | Technology | The Guardian
Name: Ryan. Age: Seven. Value: £17.3m. It’s wrong to hate a child, isn’t it? Yes! Of course it is. Especially if you hate them for having more money than you. Let’s end this line of inquiry …

Potential role for microglia in Alzheimer’s

June 2, 2018

Alzheimer’s may be caused by haywire immune system eating brain connections Study targets new mechanism in fight against cognitive decline

JClub papers

February 16, 2017

A #circadian gene-expr atlas in mammals by @jbhclock lab 43% of genes have a daily rhythm in at least 1 tissue [1/2]

.@jbhclock Fewest circadian genes in brain; most in liver. Perhaps this more reflects daily feeding cycle than true light-dark cycle? [2/2]

A circadian gene expression atlas in mammals: Implications for biology and medicine

Ray Zhanga,1,
Nicholas F. Lahensa,1,
Heather I. Ballancea,
Michael E. Hughesb,2, and
John B. Hogenescha,2

* Interestingly brain regions have the fewest circ genes(only ~3%), liver has most

* Diseases assoc with circadian genes correlate with NIH funding

* Genes can have up to a 6-hour phase diff. Between diff. organs (eg Vegfa betw. Heart & fat)

* 56 of the top 100 drugs incl. Top 7, targeted the product of a circadian gene. Related to the half-life of drugs.

* Could the liver genes be more reflective of feeding rhythm rather than true circadian clock.