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Legos, text blocks, TFs+motifs, & animations

March 7, 2021

Slicker and newer release of “powers of 10” type of video [zooms into flower instead of a person though]:

The first ~half of this video may be useful:

Doesn’t include person/organ level, but still a nice demonstration — Structure of a chromosome and zoom in to DNA:

May be useful in the context of basic brain biol:

Legos, text blocks, TFs+motifs, & animations

February 14, 2021

DNA replication (addition of a single nucleotide):

Dna Replication:

Another for DNA replication:

multigif of lac repressor binding to DNA:

gif of double-helix:

multigif of Lysine 18 sits in the major groove of DNA, recognizing the DNA sequence CGG:

SK found this during our call — How to make your own DNA model using LEGO:

50-second video on organization of the genome & base pairing (by NHGRI):

6-minute video on the structure of DNA:

Misc sources: