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cell free DNA circulating for cancer

May 12, 2014

NYT recently ran an article as well:

An ultrasensitive method for quantitating circulating tumor DNA with broad patient coverage
DIAGNOSTICS: Detection of Chromosomal Alterations in the Circulation of Cancer Patients with Whole-Genome Sequencing

Developmental dynamics and disease potential of random monoallelic gene expression.

April 6, 2014

Developmental dynamics… of random monoallelic gene expression. #RNAseq on 100s of instances without causative SNPs

An analysis of differentiated cell lines.

Neutral genomic regions refine models of recent rapid human population growth

January 19, 2014

Neutral genomic regions refine models of recent rapid human population growth

Elodie Gazave, Li Ma, Diana Chang, Alex Coventry, Feng Gao, Donna Muzny, Eric Boerwinkle, Richard A. Gibbs, Charles F. Sing, Andrew G. Clark, and Alon Keinan

Recent rapid growth of human populations predicts that a large number of genetic variants in populations today are very rare, i.e., appear in a small number of individuals. This effect is similar to that of purifying selection, which drives deleterious alleles to become rarer. “}}

huref on Solid

January 4, 2014

To demonstrate the promise of personalized genome analysis, the genome of HuRef was sequenced using the Life SOLiDâ„¢ platform. Nimbus Informatics performed the analytical work for this project and has made the resulting data available here, running entirely on the Amazon Cloud.

Nencki Genomics Database-Ensembl funcgen enhanced with intersections, user data and genome-wide TFBS motifs

October 13, 2013