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Family hikes

March 20, 2020

100 Amazing World Maps | Far & Wide

December 15, 2019 like the tipping map

Places to Go – Shoreline Greenway Trail

August 19, 2019


Branford Land Trust

August 19, 2019

Google’s Road Map to Global Domination

July 6, 2017

$GOOG’s Road Map to Global Domination Old article but discussion on #opendata v closed maps still relevant

“O’Reilly is more skeptical. “An open-hardware play broke the IBM monopoly, an open-software play broke the Microsoft monopoly, and eventually an open-data play will prevail,” O’Reilly admits, but he points out that those earlier cases were not instances of direct competition between rival companies. “It wasn’t a plug-compatible mainframe clone that dethroned IBM; it wasn’t a free operating system like Linux that dethroned Windows.” Rather, he says, “it was this toy, the personal computer, it was the global operating system that we call the Internet.”

Travel Guides & Local Maps | Discovery Map(R)

June 12, 2017

Welcome | Yale College Expansion

April 20, 2017

Info about the new Benjamin Franklin College

New Haven Crime Rates By Neighborhood

March 5, 2017

Nice demographic #maps (property values, crime &c) of NHV + other cities Related RedZone app

Avoid navigating through dangerous areas
RedZone Map by Zone Technologies Inc.

But if you have to go there keep your finger on the button
SafeTrek – Hold Until Safe℠ by SafeTrek, Inc.

Holland Is Not A Dense Country, But An Empty City – Brilliant Maps

September 5, 2016

Holland isn’t a dense country but an empty city by @BrilliantMaps Great inversion. NYC area seems a good comparable

42 maps that explain World War II – Vox

September 4, 2015

42 maps that explain WWII Has map w/ location of all London blitz bombs. Wow: been to many of these exact coordinates