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More New Yorkers Opting for Life in the Bike Lane – The New York Times

August 2, 2017

More NYers Opting for…the Bike Lane – 450k trips/day v. 170k in ’05 But there’s #bikelash from walkers & drivers

How Not to End Cancer in Our Lifetimes – WSJ

April 8, 2016

How Not to End Cancer in Our Lifetimes“It’s extraordinarily hard to re-identify tissue” anonymously biobanked. True?

The Economist explains: Why fashion week is passé | The Economist

March 10, 2016

Why #fashion week is passé Technology is making the timing of big shows irrelevant

We Need a New Green Revolution

January 9, 2016

We Need a New Green Revolution Advocates US agri-science funding to grow yields. Sensible given #obesity epidemic?

“Today, farm production has stopped growing in the United States, and agriculture research is no longer a priority; it constitutes only 2 percent of federal research and development spending. And, according to the Department of Agriculture, total agricultural production has slowed significantly since the turn of the century. We need another ambitious surge in agricultural science.”

What Will Replace Google Reader? : The New Yorker

July 5, 2013

NYer: What Will Replace #Google Reader? #Digg? Potluck? We could do better… via @shinshinuk