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Protecting Your Digital Privacy – Consumer Reports

November 5, 2016

Protecting Your Digital #Privacy 66 hints, from evaluating password entropy to determining

things l liked from the site:

Your Long-approved list of paperwork to shred includes any documents containing the following:

• Social Security number (even just the last four digits)
• Birth date
• Credit card numbers
• Account numbers from financial institutions
• Medical insurance numbers

Password-entropy (bigger is better) = log2 ([alphabet-size]^[password-length])

Faking your address for some sites:
For an address, may we suggest Bart Simpson’s—742 Evergreen Terrace? “}}

Carpet Squares & Carpet Tiles | FLOR

October 17, 2016

good & bad chrome extensions

October 16, 2016

Non default ones to add:

Inbox by Gmail
LastPass: Free Password Manager
Auto Text Expander for Google Chrome
Cisco WebEx Extension
Tabr – only tab management I’ve found useful

Reset your Chrome sync – Chrome Help

October 16, 2016

Found this useful after profile corruption – I noticed it deleted & recreated a new profile directory in ~/Library/Application

also useful:

i10 How-To: Print to PDF from anywhere in iOS using 3D TouchOS

September 23, 2016

HowTo: Print to PDF from anywhere in iOS using 3D Touch Useful for converting anything to #PDF via preview exporting

Find the Best Web Browser for Your Devices: A Review of Chrome, Safari and Edge – WSJ

September 12, 2016

Garmin Vivosmart HR Plus review | TrustedReviews

September 5, 2016


TOTD importing events to google calendar using csv

September 2, 2016

importing events to google calendar using csv

1. download csv attachment
2. edit contents
3. gcal > setting > “Calendars” tab > Import calendar

How to de-authorize devices linked to your iTunes account | iMore

August 15, 2016

doesn’t seem to work for my old ios devices

How to reinstall OS X – Apple Support

July 17, 2016


Start up from OS X Internet Recovery by holding down Option-Command-R immediately after turning on or restarting your Mac. Release the keys when you see the Apple logo. Startup is complete when you see the OS X Utilities window.

Open Disk Utility from the OS X Utilities window, then use Disk Utility to erase your built-in hard disk using the OS X Extended (Journaled) format. Quit Disk Utility when done.