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Dropbox M1 support won’t happen unless you vote for it! – 9to5Mac

November 2, 2021

looks like it’s being overturned but still worrisome

macos – How can I convert .ichat logs to text files? – Ask Different

June 3, 2020

For reference, these are the conversation files located in

$ file transcript.ichat
transcript.ichat: Apple binary property list

$ plutil -convert xml1 transcript.ichat

Lookup Mac Specs By Serial Number, Order, Model & EMC Number, Model ID @

June 3, 2020 – Great Tools for your Mac!

April 21, 2020

macbook keyboard unexpected repeat repair program

June 19, 2019

If you found your keyboard has the following unexpected issue, please go to apple store for a free repair:

Letters or characters repeat unexpectedly (like the above ‘t’ in unexpected, repeat twice when you typed)
Letters or characters do not appear
Key(s) feel “sticky” or do not respond in a consistent manner

Noodlesoft – Noodlesoft – Simply Useful Software

October 16, 2018


iPhone, iPad, Mac Buyer’s Guide: Know When to Buy

July 20, 2018

Shows each product relative to its “cycle”

Cure a calendar crash on Mac

May 1, 2018


In-browser Mac OS 7.0.1 emulation, compatible software suite arrives at the Internet Archive

April 23, 2017

In-browser [classic] Mac OS7 emulation…arrives at the Internet
Archive Gr8 for old file formats if upload possible

WikiLeaks Shows How the CIA Can Hack a Mac’s Hidden Code

March 25, 2017

WikiLeaks Shows How the CIA Can Hack a Mac Modifying the firmware of Thunderbolt adapters to make spyware implanters

“The CIA’s documents describe a series of tools that agents can use to install “implants” on target machines, capable of silently monitoring everything that occurs within its operating system and transmitting it to a remote operator. One manual explains how to modify the firmware of a standard Apple Thunderbolt-to-ethernet adapter, turniing it into an spyware-planting tool the CIA calls “Sonic Screwdriver.” When plugged in, the altered adapter can trick a Mac into thinking it’s booting its operating from a spoofed network source that the adapter impersonates, allowing tweaks to its firmware even in the rare cases when the user has set a password for any changes to that deep-seated code.”